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Switch Nutrition - Amino Switch

AMINO SWITCH™ contains the Perfect Human Ratio (PHR) of both Essential and Branched Chain Amino Acids (EAA’s and BCAA’s) to provide the greatest muscle recovery and repair. Using instantised EAA’s allows for improved mixability and absorbability. With the addition of the 4 major essential minerals plus biologically active co-factors, you will recover all systems to their fullest potential. Amino Switch™ also contains a standardised Schisandra Chinensis with no less than 9% Schisandrin to help lower cortisol, boost energy, support blood flow and improve recovery. With the extraordinarily high bioavailability of the amino’s at 99%, one serve of Amino Switch™ is equal to 30g of WPI.

Switch Nutrition - Thermal Switch

THERMAL SWITCH™ contains a smooth clean combination of stimulants and nootropics to boost mental performance, elevate mood and control appetite. The first super thermogenic on the planet to utilise the long-lasting power of DYNAMINE™. With the addition of 500mg of Acetyl L-carnitine, 500mg of L-tyrosine, 200mg L-theanine, 100mg Theobromine and a standardized Green Tea Extract equivalent to 5 cups of green tea you are sure to be incinerating fat and boosting your metabolism in no time. Adding BioPerine®, Hordenine and biologically active co-factors helps to enhance the potent ingredients and keep them working for longer. Melt away your fat with all day energy!

Switch Nutrition - Adrenal Switch

ADRENAL SWITCH™ is designed to help the body regulate cortisol to support recovery and repair, while simultaneously restoring your muscular and nervous systems. The adaptogenic Ayurvedic herb Ashwagandha allows your body to reset and begin to perform at its full potential. Our therapeutic dose of the most bioavailable Magnesium (300mg elemental) and Zinc (20mg elemental) help to enhance muscle, nerve and hormone recovery. The addition of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, 1000mg of L-leucine, 1000mg L-glycine and L-theanine will help you get an incredible night’s sleep and perform at your best every day. Reduce fatigue and manage stress with ADRENAL SWITCH™.


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