Amino Acids are the building blocks of all protein. When protein is digested, it is broken down into amino acids. There are 22 amino acids and 9 are considered essential. This means we MUST get from food or supplements.  These amino acids can be consumed individually, in a complete Essential Amino Acid Complex (Amino Switch) or in a complex Protein (Food or a Protein Supplement).

Amino Acids have many varied functions from enzyme and hormone production to tissue and structural functions. They may help to improve recovery, build muscle, enhance digestion, increase performance, reduce aging and reduce bodyfat levels plus much more.

It is important when choosing an Essential Amino Acid Supplement that you find one with the right ratio designed for human performance that mimics what we would get from a healthy diet. Amino Switch has been specifically designed with Human Nutrition in mind.

Drug Testing: It is important to note that some of the ingredients found in sports nutrition supplements may return a positive test to banned substances in sports. This does not mean they are illegal. Alpha-1 Nutrition has a 100% Open Label policy. Therefore, what’s on the label is in the product… No More and No Less! It is the responsibility of the user to check the ingredients with their sport’s governing body.