Protein Biscoff Bites

If there is a recipe you NEED to try from us, it’s this!

These protein biscoff bites are to die for… they are our favourite treat to have in the Switch Nutrition HQ!

They will satisfy your sweet cravings, whilst also giving your body the protein it needs to perform!

If you’re looking for a delicious recipe for the entire family, this is it!

Protein Biscoff Bites


    2 tablespoons of peanut butter 

    1 tablespoon of coconut oil 

    2 scoops of WPI Peanut Brittle 

    1 cup of chocolate chips, for melting. 

    6 regular biscoff biscuits, or biscuits of your choice.

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1.    Microwave the peanut butter and coconut oil until soft. This should blend into a soft paste. 

2.    Stir through the WPI, until a thick paste. 

3.    Top each biscoff biscuit with the paste, make sure it is a generous amount. 

4.    Place into the freezer until it hardens. 

5.    Place the choc chips into a microwave safe bowl & melt

6.    Dip each biscuit into the chocolate (to create the outer later), or drizzle melted choc on top. 

7.    Re-freeze for 20 minutes. 

8.    Enjoy!

Serves 6 biscuits. 

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