Iced Vanilla Glow Latte

Who doesn’t love an iced vanilla latte? This iced latte isn’t just any regular iced latte… This recipe makes a vanilla iced latte, packed with collagen & nootropics to help you focus, concentrate & glow from the inside, out! This recipe includes our Coffee Switch formula & our NEW Vanilla Collagen Switch.

If you’re an iced coffee lover like we are, give this recipe a go! It will give you the boost you’re craving, whilst also giving your body the ability to shine from within.

Iced Vanilla Glow Latte


    1 x Coffee Switch Sachet (Espresso, Naked Espresso or Mocha) 

    Collagen Switch Vanilla, 1 scoop. 

    Milk of your choice 


Products in this recipe


1.    Place some ice into a cold glass. 

2.    Add your milk of choice. 

3.    In a separate glass or bowl, mix the Coffee Switch and Collagen Switch together. Add a small amount of boiling water & mix together. 

4.    Pour the mixture into the iced glass & watch the magic happen! 

5.    Enjoy.

Single Serve 

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