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Hydrate Switch: Electrolytes & Hydration.
As you know, my day begins religiously with an ice bath. The next thing is my Hydrate Switch. I never realised how much of an impact being dehydrated and low in crucial electrolytes could make on my mental and physical performance. So, this is my non-negotiable first thing in the morning before I train or go for a run, and I use it again at about 2pm for that caffeine-free energy boost.

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Vitality Switch: Super Greens Powder
Vitality Switch is a key part of my morning routine, helping me kickstart my day with essential nutrients. With 42 superfoods, it complements my wholefood diet, ensuring I get a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

I love the additon of theorganic mushrooms, adaptogens and probiotics to support my immune system and combat stress and fatigue.

Collagen Switch:
Complete Protein

I choose this collagen as it comes from grass-fed bovine and ethically sourced marine collagen. This blend delivers Type I, II, and III collagen peptides, to support everything from the elasticity of your skin to the strength of your nails and the health of your gut. It has added L-tryptophan to ensure the presence of all nine essential amino acids for effective tissue recovery and repair. I add a few scoops of Collagen Switch into my morning muesli mix (Chocolate is my choice) to not only increase my protein but fuel my recovery.

Coffee Switch: Enter a Flow State for Deep Work
I'm not sure how I managed focus before Coffee Switch, but if you're looking to enter a flow state for deep work and harness the power of nootropics, this is the product for you. Coffee Switch goes beyond your average cup, offering a smooth, sustained energy boost with no jitters and no crash. It sharpens focus, enhances cognitive function, and provides mental clarity, making it the perfect start to my day.