Coffee Switch

Mental Focus Elixir
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The ultimate coffee blend that goes beyond your average cup. Our single-origin Colombian Arabica coffee is enhanced with a unique combination of nootropic botanicals and organic mushrooms, offering you more than just a caffeine kick.

Our carefully selected ingredients, including the Organic Mushroom Blend and goMCT™, are designed to provide a smooth, sustained energy boost with no jitters and no crash. Alpinia Galanga and Bacopa Monnieri have been included to sharpen focus, while naturally occurring compounds from Theobroma Cacao and Huperzia Serrata support cognitive function and mental clarity.

Coffee Switch is the perfect choice for coffee lovers looking to upgrade their daily ritual.

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Each Coffee Switch option is tailored to offer a distinct taste experience to compliment your taste preferences.

Naked Espresso: For the purists, our Naked Espresso is a robust, unadulterated experience. It delivers the deep, rich flavours of single-origin Colombian Arabica coffee in its purest form, without any sweetness.

Espresso: Our Espresso variant offers the classic coffee profile with a subtle sweetness to enhance the experience. It’s crafted for those who enjoy their coffee with a touch of sweetness, balanced perfectly to not overpower the natural coffee flavour. 

Mocha: Indulge in the chocolatey embrace of our Mocha flavour. This blend combines the intensity of espresso with the rich, velvety notes of cocoa for a decadent coffee experience. 

  • Enhanced Energy
  • Brain Boosting Focus
  • No Jitters or Crash
  • Infused With Organic Mushrooms
  • Keto & Vegan Friendly 
  • Dairy & Gluten Free

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Game changer!

I love this product! I've always struggled with sleep but since taking this product I am sleeping better, I'm more relaxed and my recovery after a workout seems better also. It tastes amazing too. I'm especially liking the strawberry pineapple flavour.

Kelly on Sep 09, 2023

Best Hot Chocolate

Zoe on Sep 08, 2023

I love the chocolate flavour it makes the best hot chocolate and it’s sweet enough I don’t need to add any sugar. I look forward to my nightly hot chocolates.


Damen on Aug 11, 2023

I have mine as a hot drink at the end of my day . The taste is sensational and it’s so relaxing, just right to help get a good night sleep

understanding our benefits

Each component of Coffee Switch is chosen not just for its individual benefits but for how they complement each other to enhance your daily wellness ritual. The blend is designed to synergistically support your energy levels, cognitive function, and overall vitality, making Coffee Switch a beneficial part of your everyday routine.

The heart of Coffee Switch, this high-quality coffee provides a rich and smooth taste along with a natural caffeine boost for increased alertness and concentration.

Comprising maitake, shiitake, cordyceps militaris, king trumpet, and turkey tail, this blend is renowned for its potential health-boosting and energy enhancing properties. Each mushroom brings a unique benefit, from supporting immune health to contributing to natural vitality.

These are a form of saturated fatty acid that are readily used as energy by the body. goMCT™ may help support metabolism and provide a more sustained energy release, compared to the quick spike of glucose.

Alpinia Galanga and Bacopa Monnieri combine in our blend to harness their cognitive-enhancing properties. Alpinia Galanga aids in maintaining mental alertness and potentially boosts executive function, while Bacopa Monnieri, a staple in Ayurvedic medicine, supports brain health by enhancing memory and cognitive processes. Together, they offer a powerful boost to mental clarity and performance.

The inclusion of cacao not only adds a delicious flavour but also contributes a source of natural theobromine, a compound that can provide a gentle, long lasting boost in energy and mood.

A plant extract that contains Huperzine A, a cognitive enhancer that may improve memory and protect nerve cells.

The best part of your day. Stir 1 sachet with 250ml of hot or cold water.

Consume in the morning to upgrade the start of your day, pre-exercise or whenever you need your coffee fix. 

Serving size: 6 g sachet mixed with 250 ml of liquidAverage QtyAverage Qty
Serves per container: 25Per 6 g servePer 100 g
Energy73 kj29 kj
Calories17.4 cal7.0 cal
Protein0.82 g0.33 g
Fat - Total1.06 g0.42 g
- Saturated0.99 g0.40 g
Carbohydrates1.35 g0.54 g
- Sugars0.02 g0.0 g
Fibre450 mg180 mg
Sodium5 mg2 mg

Colombian Single Origin Arabica Coffee3400 mg1360 mg
Organic Super 5 Mushroom Blend (Equiv. Dry Herb)2000mg800 mg
- Maitake. Shiitake, Cordyceps Militaris. King Trumpet. Turkey Tail

Medium Chain Triglycerides (goMCT™)1500 mg600 mg
Alpinia Galanga Powder150 mg60 mg
Bacopa Monnieri Powder100 mg40 mg
Coffea Arabica Whole Fruit Powder100 mg40 mg
Theobroma Cacao (naturally occurring Theobromine)15 mg6 mg
Huperzia Serrata (naturally occurring Huperzine A)25 mcg10 mcg
Caffeine (naturally occurring trom Coffee Bean)80 mg32 mg

*Please note the nutritional information varies from flavour to flavour.    


INGREDIENTS: Colombian Single Origin Arabica Coffee Powder (55%), goMCT™ (Medium Chain Triglycerides 70% Conc. Powder, 30% Acacia Fibre), Organic Super 5 Mushroom Blend (Maitake, Cordyceps Militaris, King Trumpet, Shiitake, Turkey Tail), Galangal Powder, Bacopa Monnieri, Coffea Arabica Whole Fruit Powder, Natural Flavours, Natural Thickener (Acacia Gum), Theobroma Cacao, Sweetener (Stevia), Huperzia Serrata. 


*Please note the nutritional information varies from flavour to flavour.    

Although Coffee Switch has no added gluten, no added dairy, or soy containing ingredients, it is manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, tree nuts, seeds, dairy, soy, corn, and fish. We advise individuals with medical conditions, are on medication or have severe allergies or sensitivities to consult their healthcare provider prior to use.

This product is not intended or recommended for children under 15 years of age, pregnant or lactating women.