100 serves Pure L-Glutamine
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Elevate your recovery and performance with Glutamine, an essential amino acid pivotal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts dedicated to maximising their training outcomes. Known for its role in supporting immune health, enhancing muscle recovery, and maintaining gut health, Glutamine is a cornerstone of sports nutrition, offering a multifaceted approach to wellness and physical excellence.

Glutamine's support extends beyond simple recovery; it's integral to maintaining the balance and integrity of muscular tissue during and after intense exercise, making it indispensable for those pushing their limits. 

Incorporate Glutamine into your daily nutrition to not just recover but to thrive, ensuring your body has what it needs to perform at its best, day after day.

  • Support Muscle Recovery
  • Support Immune System
  • Enhanced Performance and Hydration
  • Optimise Protein Synthesis
  • Muscle Breakdown Prevention
  • Gut Health Support

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understanding our benefits

Glutamine is celebrated for its critical role in supporting the body's adaptive response to intense physical training. Glutamine is a cornerstone of sports nutrition, offering a multifaceted approach to wellness and physical excellence.

Glutamine accelerates the repair of muscle fibres, reducing recovery time and enabling more consistent, high intensity training.

Intense workouts can strain your immune system; Glutamine fortifies immune defences, keeping you healthy and training hard.

It's vital for maintaining the integrity of the intestinal lining, ensuring the efficient absorption of nutrients critical for athletic performance.

During prolonged exercise, the body can start to consume its muscle for energy; Glutamine helps counteract this, preserving muscle mass.

It contributes to better hydration and electrolyte uptake, improving stamina and endurance during prolonged physical activity.

Essential for the synthesis of proteins, Glutamine supports the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, critical for every athlete.

Mix 5 grams of Glutamine powder with water or your favourite beverage and consume immediately post-workout or before bedtime. For those undergoing intense training sessions or looking to support recovery more aggressively, consider adding an additional serving in the morning.

Serving size: 3 gAverage QtyAverage Qty
Serves per container: 100Per 3 g servePer 100 g
Energy51 kj1700 kj
Calories12.2 cal406 cal
Protein3.0 g100 g
Fat - Total0.0 g0.0 g
- Saturated0.0 g0.0 g
Carbohydrates0.0 g0.0 g
- Sugars0.0 g0.0 g
Fibre0.0 g0.0 g
Sodium0 mg0 mg
L-Glutamine3000 mg100 g

INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure L-Glutamine

Although L-Glutamine has no added gluten, dairy or soy containing ingredients, it is manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, tree nuts, seeds, dairy, soy, corn, and fish. We advise individuals with medical conditions, are on medication or have severe allergies or sensitivities to consult their healthcare provider prior to use. 

This product is not intended or recommended for children under 15 years of age, pregnant or lactating women.