Fast Tracked Health Hacks

Fast Tracked Health Hacks

Cracking The 3 Biggest Health Concerns

We know there are three common areas that people can struggle with:

  • Weight loss,
  • Inflammation (which can present as gut problems and skin issues), and
  • Brain fog

We know too well that these conditions can take over your life and if left untreated can actually lead to more serious issues down the track..

But there’s good news! It's never too late to stop, take stock of where you are, and re-focus your wellness journey. To help, we have a few easy hacks!

Principles You Can Steal and Use to Succeed

Adopting some keto principles into your everyday routine, whether that be a ketone supplement in between meals to help with cravings or supporting you through intermittent fasting, we're going to be teaching you some really quick and easy hacks to enable you to achieve a better state of living, with more energy and optimised health.

It’s well documented that being in a state of ketosis (diet or supplements) helps to achieve certain benefits like..

  • Lowered Inflammation – Reduced NLRP3
  • Lowered Hunger – Reduced Ghrelin
  • Improved Brain Function – Increased BDNF
  • Reduced Cravings – Improved Insulin Sensitivity
  • Increased Metabolism – Enhanced Mitochondrial Biogenesis

We will unpack these terms, benefits and how easy they are to achieve in the coming series.

Our Fast Tracked Health Hacks mini series will also feature Greg Haglund, one of the co-founders of Switch Nutrition with over 20 years experience within the wellness industry.

Our easy to follow hacks that we share are very simple, very effective, and will help you no matter where you are along your journey to wellness and health.

If you're hungry for more, stay tuned for the next episode or browse for loads more information, blogsyummy recipes, even FREE STUFF! and more!

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