Green Tea Or Grape Seed For Greater Pumps

Green Tea Or Grape Seed For Greater Pumps

More than a decade ago the world was introduced to Nitric Oxide (NO2) boosters in the sports supplement category and from there a new breed of pre-workouts spawned. These original vasodilating formulas relied heavily on large doses of Arginine for their pump enhancing qualities.

Not much has changed since then except some of the smarter companies are mega dosing with Citrulline instead of Arginine.

What if I told you that scientists have discovered a compound hiding in green tea and grape seed that at a dose of less than 5% of 7g of Arginine provides 10X More Vasodilation!!??

That’s right… 300mg of VASO6™ is 10X Better than 7g of Arginine. How is that possible??

VASO6™ is a patented gallate-enhanced oligomer (small molecule) derived from grape seed or green tea extracts that promotes endothelium dependent relaxation and expansion of blood vessels (a process known as vasodilation).

Be careful to not confuse VASO6™ as being just another form of grape seed or green tea extract, though. Rather, VASO6™ is a unique ingredient that contains only the most active blood flow enhancing fractions of grape seed and green tea extract, as confirmed by research, including the most potent one of all - Peak G6 (a procyanidin).[1] It’s important to note that generic versions of grape seed and green tea extract typically contain minimal amounts of blood flow promoting fractions.

Even better, VASO6™ contains the strongest Nitric Oxide (NO) enhancing polyphenol in green tea extract - epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). Among many of the health and longevity benefits EGCG provides, such as reduced oxidative stress, it is a known mediator of blood vessel expansion.[2]

But how do these molecules in VASO6™ really work on a physiological level? Read on as we break it down into a simple science for you.


How Does VASO6™ Work?

In short, the compounds in VASO6 work by inducing the enzyme responsible for producing Nitric Oxide (NO). This enzyme, called endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), is necessary for blood vessel dilation, as without it, NO cannot be formed and blood flow is not enhanced.

NO is a simple molecule that causes blood vessels to expand, which in turn improves nutrient (glucose, amino acids, etc.) partitioning/shuttling, especially to skeletal muscle tissue. As such, vasodilation increases from VASO6provides the optimal environment for muscle protein synthesis to occur after intense resistance training. When nutrient delivery to muscle cells is optimised by increased blood flow, muscular hypertrophy (growth) is the result.

Furthermore, we know pretty much anyone who has ever touched a barbell loves the feeling of their muscles expanding and pushing against the skin. The rapid increase in NO will give you muscular pumps and fullness during training that are unrivalled.


Benefits of Vaso6™ Supplementation

VASO6™ is not just another run-of-the-mill green tea or grape seed extract. VASO6™ is the ultimate stimulant-free, pre-workout ingredient for increasing NO (and thus, blood flow), nutrient delivery to skeletal muscle, as well as promoting growth and strength in (and out of) the gym.


Key Performance Enhancements

  • Drive Nitric Oxide Production for Enhanced Blood Flow to Muscle Tissue Growth
  • Skin-Tearing Muscular Pumps and Fullness
  • Increase in Strength & Power Output
  • Enhance Nutrient Delivery to Muscles and Endurance During Training[1]

We would be remiss not to mention that VASO6™ is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that is NSF international and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified. This ensures that VASO6™ is only the purest, safest and highest quality nitric oxide (NO) enhancing ingredient available.

VASO6™ is protected by patent 6,706,756B1 under exclusive global distribution by Compound Solutions, Inc

Disclaimer: The above article is merely a guide and is in no way a recommendation or a treatment protocol for any health conditions or diseases. You should always consult with a qualified health care provider before changing your supplement, training or nutritional strategy. Supplementation should not be attempted by pregnant or breastfeeding women, anyone on prescription medication or children under the age of 15 unless advised by your qualified health care provider.