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Switch On to Vegan Supplements for Clean Plant-Based Formulas and Optimal Health Benefits

These days, being vegan doesn’t mean missing out on your favourite proteins, nutrients and vitamins. With a wealth of vegan supplements to help you achieve your fitness, lifestyle and longevity goals, the only tough part is deciding which flavour to try first from Switch Nutrition’s great-tasting vegan supps range. 

Vegan supplements can powerfully pack as much punch as non-vegan powders to boost your stamina, energy, performance and muscle recovery. Our plant-based blends target muscle growth, hydration, women’s and men’s health, metabolic support, and more. Some formulas are chock full of superfoods, essential amino acids and all-natural ingredients that aid digestion for a healthy gut, while our plant protein powders can hack your workouts for winning results. 

Whatever your aim in and out of the gym, Switch on to plant-based nutritional supplements to smash your fitness and health goals.

Clean Plant-Based Nutritional Supplements to Help Build Stamina and Performance

So much thought goes into researching and perfecting our 100% natural, Open Label plant-based nutrition supplements, from our vegan gym supps to our relaxation and recovery blends and our focus-enhancing thermogenic formulas for calorie burn and peak energy. With no fillers, such as wheat grass or gluten, all our soy-free Australian-made formulas incorporate ingredient-amplifying components to help you digest and absorb the targeted nutrition, minerals and essential aminos much faster. It’s this complementary synthesis that makes our naturally sweetened Switch Nutrition vegan supplements so effective without stressing your gut. 

Whether it’s improving thyroid function, increasing blood flow for athletic performance, eliminating toxic ammonia1 from your body or reducing cravings so you keep a tight leash on your macros and healthy eating plans, we have a plant-based nutrition product to support your lifestyle choices.

Being Vegan Doesn’t Mean Missing out on Lean Muscle Growth and Post-Workout Recovery

For many years, the vegan stereotype was a weak, pale, sickly individual who’d never reach their life potential. Switch Nutrition vegan nutritional powders bust that theory right out of the veggie patch. For a start, plant-based lactose-free protein powders can easily match your meat-eating gym-bro mates size for size, muscle for muscle and workout for workout. Best of all, our great-tasting range of post-workout vegan recovery supps is designed to keep your body burning at its best for apex metabolism and peak results.

Our Protein Switch vegan muscle-building supplements can help you reach your pinnacle on the daily, too. The essential amino acids from protein your body breaks down to maintain blood sugar levels and produce neurotransmitters2, like dopamine and serotonin, to boost focus, reduce mood swings and spike sexual vitality.

B What you Need to B

Vitamin B, B12 or cobalamin, in particular, is critical for optimal health. Vegans may at times struggle to absorb enough vitamin B12, which is typically found in animal products and necessary to form red blood cells, produce and stabilise DNA3, metabolise protein and support healthy brain development and your nervous system. 

Rather than changing your entire plant-based ideology, it’s good to know that vegan supplements and fortified plant foods containing free-form vitamin B12 are likely to be more easily absorbed in the body anyway. Therefore, our Switch dairy-free protein powders prove that vegans don’t have to miss out on this crucial vitamin just for having a plant-loving diet.

Creatine is the Key to Apex Athletic Potential

For explosive power and unmatched endurance, Switch Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate is an essential tripeptide perfect for vegans and vegetarians because this high-performance compound is typically found in red meat. 

Extensively studied and rigorously tested, Creatine has repeatedly shown benefits for boosting power, strength, speed, and recovery. Due to its incredible impact on energy and endurance, Creatine is ideal for athletes, high-intensity training, and weight-lifting. It allows you to work harder and longer before fatigue sets in. Creatine has been evaluated for long-term use and therapeutic support for Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s disease4, so you can keep the momentum going for optimum potential.

Power-Packed Switch Vegan Glutamine to Push Your Limits and Optimise Downtime

Rather than pushing yourself to adrenal fatigue, overdoing it at the gym and burning the midnight oil plus both ends of the candle, our all-natural plant-based vegan supplement, Switch Glutamine, is your answer to all the “burnout” cliches. This essential amino acid is critical for immunity, mass-preserving muscle recovery and gut health. 

Our game-changing vegan recovery formula offers energy to burn (without harming any candles) for power-packed endurance and muscular tissue integrity during and after your training sessions. It’s a great all-round plant-based alternative to animal-derived protein and fuels vital adaptive responses to support your fitness.

Vegan Supplements for Extreme Results and Gains

Whatever your goals, Switch Nutrition vegan supplements are geared for high-octane performance and ultra-restorative recovery that helps you go longer, faster, leaner and cleaner. Whether you prefer capsule supplements or powders, our range contains the essential minerals, vitamins and dietary support your body needs to smash your goals. Switch to our clean, green, plant-based nutritional supplements for great-tasting, high-performance formulas to see the Switch difference yourself and become a better you.

Switch Nutrition Vegan Supplements FAQs

A well-planned vegan diet provides most essential nutrients, yet there are fundamental minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that are typically sourced from carnivore meal plans. Vitamin B12 is the big one here, as stunted red blood cells can cause numerous health problems. Therefore, certain plant-based nutritional supplements can greatly support a vegan diet if your foods are lacking or your body isn’t absorbing nutrients effectively. Many of our Switch Nutrition vegan supplements contain vital nutrients recommended to support plant-based lifestyles. At Switch, your health is our business. The information we provide is for guidance only, and we recommend that if you follow a rigid plant-based diet or take any form of medication, please speak to your health practitioner before using our vegan supplements and powders to ensure safety and efficacy.

Following a strict plant-based diet, you may experience deficiencies in vitamins B12 and D, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, iodine and zinc. Vitamin D is sourced from sunlight and very vegan-unfriendly deep-sea game fish, salmon and beef liver. The sunshine vitamin is important for bone health, immunity, nervous system regulation, cell growth, body strength and food-based calcium absorption, while studies have shown that vitamin D can help reduce cancer cells5 and inflammation. Plant-based omega-3s provide alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which converts to active forms of omega-3s, EPA and DHA. Some of our Switch Nutrition vegan supplements contain algae-based EPA/DHAs derived from marine microorganisms. Vitamin C greatly assists in the absorption of plant-based non-heme iron supplements. In many of our formulas, we offer vegan-friendly forms of calcium, iodine and zinc, along with the required nutrients to aid their absorption.

If your goal is to lose weight, increase energy and focus, build lean muscle, or aid post-workout recovery, we have a range of plant-based supplements that include wheat, pea, and hemp protein for optimum results. Our delicious award-winning flavours come with a 30-day Money Back Taste Guarantee, so you can easily add our vegan protein powders to your pre-workout shakes, clean treats, and smoothies. All formulas are made from all-natural ingredients with no added, sugar, artificial flavours or other nasties.