Six Elements Men Can Address To Have A Higher Quality Of Life

Six Elements Men Can Address To Have A Higher Quality Of Life

In the crazy world we live in today, unfortunately there isn’t a lot we have control over. Our day-to-day lives get busier, stress overtakes our minds, and we forget what really matters when it comes to making ourselves feel good.

However, did you know that only “30% of a man’s overall health is determined by his genetics?”[1]. Therefore, it is safe to say, that men’s health is something we really do have control over, so why not make it easier? We have narrowed it down for you, below are the SIX controllables men address to effectively become; happier, stronger, less stressed and simply have a higher quality of life.


Testosterone plays a vital role in men's health, happiness, and development. Understanding how to support and optimise testosterone levels could help you better men’s health, improve your brain function, and mood and extend your quality of life.

As men age, their testosterone levels begin to drop around 1% per year after age 30, so signs of low testosterone may depend on your age 3.

The good news is that there are many natural ingredients that may help to support testosterone levels in men; and here at Switch Nutrition, we use these generously within our range.

Ashwagandha focuses on decreasing stress to increase sleep, mood, libido, and mental clarity. Magnesium could increase the production of testosterone4, but research has also shown that increased ingestion of zinc may also significantly increase testosterone levels and thus quality in men 5. Now most importantly, the powerful source of Vitamin D. Studies found that testosterone levels increased by 25% through the supplementations of 3000 IU of vitamin D3 per day 6.

Getting all these ingredients through a diet isn’t impossible, however, it can be difficult with the craziness of life. Magnesium, zinc, and ashwagandha are just some of the ingredients you can find in our  . Simple, easy, and delicious.


Gut Health

Every time we eat, our body breaks down food into a form (nutrients) that can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream. However, this is not possible without a healthy digestive system. Something that can be controlled easily with care and knowledge.

A healthy gut contains healthy bacteria which fight against fungi, bad bacteria, and viruses. It is the process in our body that can maintain our general well-being.

How do you know if you have bad gut health? There are many signs and symptoms of which some include 7 .

  • Migraines
  • Skin irritation
  • Problems with sleeping or dizziness
  • Upset stomach/bloating and gas
  • Irregular mood changes
  • Extreme food cravings (specifically sugar)
  • Autoimmune problems or food intolerances
  • Unintentional weight gain or loss

Nowadays, it has become more common to aid gut health with nutritious supplements; to give your gut EXACTLY what it craves.

Digestive enzymes, produce proteins that our body naturally makes to break down food 9. This may assist in maximizing nutrient absorption to optimise health, performance, and physique. Glutamine consists of amino acids which are best known for helping to repair the intestinal lining 10.

You can support your gut health with Switch Nutrition’s gluten and lactose-free 100% Pure Glutamine supplement. Or, you can choose to get the best of both worlds with our Vitality Switch supplement, which contains a unique blend of digestive enzymes, probiotics, micronutrients, antioxidants, and glutamine!


Reducing Stress

Stress is something we all deal with; however, some have a better grasp of controlling and dealing with it than others. With that said, stress can cause a variety of symptoms that can affect us emotionally, physically, cognitively, and behaviourally.

How do we deal with stress? The good news is, you can manage and control stress easily. There are many habits and lifestyle changes we can take part in to cope with our stress in healthy ways. But our diets and exercise routines may also play a role.

Exercise reduces levels of the body's stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline 11.  However, your diet is super important! You can find natural ingredients that reduce stress, these include Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, and Magnesium. You can find these stress-relieving ingredients in our supplement ADRENAL SWITCH. A perfect supplement to help you relax after a workout or even just before going to sleep.



Collagen is the most abundant protein found in your body 15. It contains a special combination of amino acids that can help you quickly bounce back after a hard workout or day of work. Our ligaments and tendons contain about 75% collagen, because of this, supplementing collagen may help reduce potential injury and even pain.

Supplementation has become more popular, and several studies show it could collagen ingestion could benefit cellular hydration, joint pain, skin health, and even improve bone density 16. There are many benefits believed to be the by-product of supplementing collagen. At Switch Nutrition our formula contains a combination of collagen, vitamin C, added amino acids and digestive enzymes, our recipe is WAY more than just a standard collagen supplement. It’s designed to support your gut health and give you that healthy youthful glow, all while improving your exercise recovery.


Enhancing Sports Performance

Whether you take part in sports, or physical hobbies, enhancing your sports performance is something you can do in many ways. It is certainly something we have control over. Amino acids are the simple structures that makeup protein and they may be more effectively absorbed than traditional protein shakes. Our AMINO SWITCH formula contains all nine essential amino acids, (the ones your body can’t make on its own) in a muscle-perfect ratio. It’s a great alternative to traditional protein shakes as it’s quickly absorbed without digestion and aids in muscle recovery. FAST!

Creatine is another popular supplement used to help with sports performance. It easily speeds up muscle growth, reduces fatigue, and increases strength and performance, whilst also helping muscle cells to produce more energy.

Simply help your body get an extra boost of performance and the recovery it needs with OUR 100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate blend. Enhance your recovery, support lean muscle, and increase your power with our vegan-friendly, gluten and lactose-free formula today!


Micro Habits

Our habits create the results and outcomes we experience in our lives. So, how can we change them? Instead of looking at goals and habits in the big picture, it’s better to break them down into micro habits. For example, you could add the micro habit of adding extra vegetables to your plate every meal. Or maybe you’re a coffee-lover, you could even swap out your regular coffee for our brain-boosting Coffee Switch formula.

Creating these micro habits in our lives makes them easy to do and commit to. So why not try it!

Men's health is an important subject, and not just because it affects men personally. But because poor health can affect our relationships, our performance at work, and it could even create a HUGE impact on our lifestyle and what we're able to do.

Having a better understanding of your body, mind, and how it operates, only gives you the chance to better utilise the help that’s available to create a healthier and more fulfilled version of yourself!

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