Celebrating All Things Coffee

Celebrating All Things Coffee

It's that time of the year again - Happy International Coffee Day!

Coffee is a beloved ritual to many and can be a great way to optimise your health.  One of the most well-known benefits of coffee is help you feel alert...but with the right coffee, you can get so much more!

Fun Facts

  • The Netherlands consume the most coffee - according to a 2020 study, they are said to consume the most coffee per capital with a whopping 8.3kg!
  • Coffee Beans aren't beans...whoa!  Coffee "beans" are actually the pit (or seed) that's found inside the coffee cherry.  During the harvest process, the bean is removed from the fruit.
  • Coffee is said to be discovered by a goat herder... after noticing odd behaviour in goats, it is thought a goat herder tried eating coffee cherries himself and after experiencing an energy boost (and unable to sleep), he shared his findings with the locals who made their own drinks.
  • Coffee helps you live longer... it's full of anti-oxidants and can be consumed in so many ways making it an age-old favourite and one of the most-consumed drinks in the world.

For us at Switch Nutrition, we agree that the benefits of coffee is just as important as the taste so we've added nootropic botanicals and organic mushrooms and made it even more delicious and good for you!  Not only did we add 5 Certified Organic Mushroom Blend and Turmeric, but we also added goMCT® which contains healthy fats derived from coconut oil to supply naturally occurring C8 (caprylic) & C10 (capric) medium chain triglycerides and prebiotic acacia fibre.

Coffee Switch has no added lactose, sugar or gluten and it is vegan and keto friendly!  These are some of our brain boosting ingredients:

Mushrooms - For that boost of happiness

Neurofactor - For that switched-on feeling all day long, without the crash!

Theobrome Cacao - From your first sip, experience all the fun feels.

Curcumin - Searching for your phone will be a thing of the past!

Coffee - Single origin arabica coffee beans because we know taste matters!!

Coffee Switch is available in 3 delicious flavours:  Naked Espresso (for a bold, unsweetened full-bodied dark roast flavour), Espresso (a lightly sweetened version of a classic Espresso), and Cafe Mocha (think of a smooth, hot chocolate with a shot of Espresso)....yum!

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