Switched On Perks is our rewards program with one goal

How it Works

For every $ spent at Switch Nutrition, you’ll earn SwitchCoin. These coins are as good as cash around here, so you can use them to redeem discounts on your favourite products!

Refer a Friend & Save

If you’ve #madetheswitch & love it, then why not share with your friends.

Tell your friends and family about Switch Nutrition and they will score themselves $10 off their next purchase.

Once they place an order, you will receive 1000 SwitchCoin (equal to $10) – refer as many friends as you like!

    Plus here’s some other great ways you can earn SwitchCoin...

    Sign Up

    200 SwitchCoin

    Follow on Facebook

    50 SwitchCoin

    Follow on Instagram

    50 SwitchCoin

    Place an Order

    $1 = 5 SwitchCoin

    Birthday Rewards

    200 SwitchCoin

    Refer a Friend

    1000 SwitchCoin

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    Switched On Perks is our rewards program designed to thank you for taking your fitness, health and wellness journey with us!

    You will be eligible to earn SwitchCoins when you engage with Switch Nutrition, such as making a purchase, referrals and sharing the love for us on social media!

    Completely free!

    This is just our way of saying thank you for sharing your health journey with us!

    You can earn SwitchCoin in a variety of ways:

    Sign-up: New customers who join Switched On Perks will automatically score themselves 200 SwitchCoin. If you have an existing account, you will automatically be credited with 200 SwitchCoin.

    Purchases: All purchases earn SwitchCoin for dollars spent. For every $1 spent you will score yourself 5 SwitchCoin in your account.

    Birthday: Let’s celebrate your special day with a gift from us of 200 SwitchCoin automatically added to your account!

    Refer-a-friend: Refer a friend who will receive a $10 voucher, and you will receive 1000 SwitchCoin (equal to $10) once they place their order. Refer as many friends as you like!

    Social Sharing: Share on Facebook and follow us via Instagram and be rewarded with 50 SwitchCoin for each!

    Simply click the Switched On Perks button on the lower left hand corner of any Switch Nutrition page to be taken to your Perks homepage (ensure you are logged into your account!). From there you can choose to redeem your SwitchCoin for coupons (in denominations of $5, $10 or $15) valid towards a future Switch Nutrition purchase.

    Redeem 500 SwitchCoin for a $5 voucher, 1000 SwitchCoin for a $10 voucher and 1500 for a $15 voucher.

    Not at all – the sky is the limit!

    Simply click on the Switched On Perks button on the lower left hand corner of any Switch Nutrition page and select the Home tab – this will then show you how many SwitchCoins you have accumulated.

    Simply contact us at support@switchnutrition.com.au with any questions or feedback – we are here to help!

    Let’s hope this doesn’t happen! However, if you would like to leave simply sent us an email at support@switchnutrition.com.au and we will deactivate your account.

    Note: deactivating your account will cause you to lose any accrued SwitchCoin.