Choc Caramel Affogato

Mix our famous Adrenal Switch with a delicious scoop of ice cream… what can go wrong! This treat is amazing & the icing on top is the ENDLESS benefits of Adrenal Switch.

Choc Caramel Affogato


-    Ice cream (of your choice) 

-    Adrenal Switch Chocolate 

-    Adrenal Switch Salted Caramel

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1.    Place two scoops of ice cream into a cool glass. 

2.    The topping: mix ½ scoop of Adrenal Switch Chocolate with ½ scoop of Adrenal Switch Salted Caramel. Mix together in 50mls of hot water. 

3.    Slowly pour over ice cream. 

4.    Enjoy!

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