Delicious & Nutritious: 5 Recipes to Keep You Hot & Healthy This Winter

Delicious & Nutritious: 5 Recipes to Keep You Hot & Healthy This Winter

Winter, the time of year when everyone's immunity seems to be running low. Nurturing and strengthening your immune system is done by fueling your body with the right nutrition. What we consume daily directly influences our ability to fight off the winter blues; so why not add simple ingredients to enhance and achieve optimal health?

Here are our top 5 recipes to keep you nourished, healthy and invincible this winter!  


Toasted Granola

Having a healthy and nutritious breakfast is vital for overall health and immunity. It fuels your body with energy, enhances cognitive function, supports nutrient intake, regulates blood sugar, boosts your immunity, and aids in weight management. Starting your day with a nutritious toasted granola is the perfect way to set yourself up for a healthier and more productive day. 

Our fresh homemade toasted granola is simple, delicious, packed with protein and good fats. The protein source found in this recipe is our famous Protein Switch. This alone has 20 g of protein! Did you know that a high-protein diet has significant benefits for all bodily processes; you can optimise your brain’s ability to send messages to the rest of your body, helping it to wake up and move2. The high protein will also help your body stay nourished for a longer period of time. Having this toasted granola for breakfast, won’t only taste amazing, it will kick start your day the right way.




Spiced Collagen Hot Chocolate

Who doesn't LOVE a warm hot choccy before bed in winter? This sweet treat will do wonders for your body whilst also hitting your sweet spot! Our Spiced Collagen Hot Chocolate recipe is a NEED this winter & guess what… most of it is probably in your pantry right now!

We use our Rich Chocolate Collagen Switch, a beautiful blend of collagen peptides, amino acids, MCT, prebiotics, vitamins & digestive enzymes. Plus the taste of smooth rich chocolate is incredible! Incorporating collagen into your diet will help strengthen your body within. It supports tissue repair, and healthy hair, skin, and nails. It is extremely gentle on the gut, due to added digestive enzymes, and easy for the body to absorb. Most of us do not get sufficient collagen in our diets and it is crucial for our body to repair and replenish. Thus, supplementing with a premium source of collagen peptides is vital to keep our bodies performing at their best. In this recipe, we have also included ingredients like cinnamon, cardamom, cayenne pepper and salt. These have antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory effects, blood sugar regulation and anti-microbial properties. 

Switch up your usual hot chocolate for one of these; I can guarantee you will feel the difference and it will taste just as good, if not better! 




Virgin Hot Toddy

If you’re craving a hot beverage with a little kick, this one's for you! Our Virgin Hot Toddy is one of our favourite recipes; if you’re looking to boost your immunity quickly, this is a must!

This recipe includes many raw ingredients such as fresh ginger, clove powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, lemon, orange and honey. These ingredients have been proven to help boost immunity, enhance sensitivity, improve digestion, decrease inflammation and more! But these spices mixed with our famous Adrenal Switch, creates the perfect resistance boost! 

Adrenal Switch is one of Australia’s top-selling magnesium recovery formulas. By including Adrenal Switch in this recipe, it adds many supportive ingredients such as; magnesium, zinc, ashwagandha, vitamin c, vitamin b6, leucine and glycine. The combination of these ingredients creates your life recovery aid whilst also helping you to relax.

Give this recipe a go! The fresh ingredients mixed with our Mango Nectar Adrenal Switch, creates a delicious, refreshing hot drink on a winter’s day.




Winter Nourish Bowl with Collagen Dressing 

Everything you consume matters, whether it's a snack, dressing or drink! This recipe is a popular one! If you have a salad, piece of bread, or simply want to drizzle a fresh dressing on your meal; you need to try this! Enhancing your resistance this winter can be achieved through smart choices. Switching from your regular olive dressing to this one will help fuel your body with the nutrients it craves.

Our collagen dressing is made of many fresh ingredients, vinegar, olive oil, greek yoghurt, wholegrain mustard and honey. We have also included Collagen Switch. In this recipe, we used the unflavoured Collagen Switch. However, if you are wanting to make a fruity dressing, you can give the mango pineapple or strawberry kiwi flavour a go!

Why Collagen? Collagen is the most abundant form of protein in the human body, it makes up around 30% of our total protein, 90% of our connective tissue and 70% of our skin! We need to give the collagen in our body some extra love, this way we can stay strong not only on the outside but the inside too. Our collagen dressing is filled with the best collagen on the market; marine collagen which has a total of 9.5g of collagen per 12.5g serve. 



Roasted Tomato Collagen Soup 

The ultimate winter meal is a warm, nutritious and fulfilling soup. This tomato collagen soup is the winter meal you have all been searching for, leaving you feeling satisfied and content. This recipe will only take you 30 minutes to make and I can guarantee the entire family will LOVE it! 

Once again, we have included a range of fresh ingredients such as tomatoes, herbs and fresh garlic. We have also added in our unflavoured Collagen Switch, to give the soup the added benefits. 

Try this recipe out & nurture your body with a warm, wholesome and delicious meal.




Enhance your immunity this winter with some tasty recipes! Small changes within your diet will ultimately make the biggest difference this winter. By adding these secret ingredients, it will help give you and your loved ones the support you need this winter. Give them a try & please let us know what you think!

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Disclaimer: The above article is merely a guide and is in no way a recommendation or a treatment protocol for any health conditions or diseases. You should always consult with a qualified health care provider before changing your supplement, training or nutritional strategy. Supplementation should not be attempted by pregnant or breastfeeding women, anyone on prescription medication or children under the age of 15 unless advised by your qualified health care provider.